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May 26, 2010

Kindergarten adventures

I was chatting with a friend, and he mentioned that some of the stuff I told him about my class should be written down before it was forgotten. Smart man. My memory is not the best.

So many funny things have happened in my short kindergarten experience. The highlights:

*While cutting pre-painted paper for an authentic Eric Carle experience being told by a six year old that he would cut the paper, because it was too hard for a girl to do.

*Teaching the children "Deep and Wide" and having them ask me with confused looks on their faces what I was talking about. The lyrics go something like "Deep and wide, deep and wide, there's a fountain flowing deep and wide..." I dunno. I think it might be about a moose. Yup. I'm sure that is it.

*Kindergarten picnic - Objective of teachers: have children eat outside and complete fun activities. Objective of all students: Get the teachers as wet as possible. We had everything from sidewalk chalk to bubbles, to hula hoops to frisbees. Oh and we had water spray bottles. Whose idea this was, I don't know. I ended up sitting/crouching next to the park faucet for 20 minutes or so. I would fill the squirt bottles and pass them off to the children who would chase each other and spray until they were drenched or their bottle was empty. Well I was crouched down next to this faucet. Picture in your mind a drinking fountain with a faucet that sprays wide and another spigot below. Surround that with a lot of mud and wet grass and a few pieces of wood and you begin to get the picture. I was using the spigot, when a child decided he really needed a drink of water. Which would have been fine, if I had not been crouched on the other side of the fountain. I was soaked. I smothered a sudden word. "Shimata" One of my favorites. The kids were giggling and I was getting the death glare from a lil girl. I hastily tried to explain I was not using the common S word, I was using a Japanese word for "that is regrettable." Sadly I don't think she believed me. But I tried to explain as the water dribbled from the top of my head, down my face to fall onto my crouched knees. Have to love kindergarten.

*Dancing the Jello dance like no body was watching and then realizing they all were. I continue to try and model for my class but not as full out. Come visit me I would love to share it with you. There is bouncing, and rocking, and sliding, and melting. I love it.

*A birthday celebration where a well intentioned mother brought in chocolate cupcakes with plastic rings in the top as decoration. Take my words to heart. DON'T do it. The kids were bouncing off the walls. The crumbs were everywhere and I almost died. Though the fact she brought one for me too was appreciated. ;)

I'm sure more will come to mind. Stay tuned for more updates.

May 9, 2010


has a way of sneaking up on you.
So I survived finals and have moved on to the wonderful world of student teaching. I am in a kindergarten class just down the road. Morning and afternoon. Adorable children. They make me smile. But at times, oh my goodness it is like herding cats. I am extremely grateful for my mentor teacher. This is an excellent learning experience for me.
I keep gathering ideas and materials for my new class of second graders next year. I keep finding new books to read, new websites to investigate, and new ideas. I'm going to have no room in my room for me at this rate. But it is all good.
Still trying to figure out my philosophy, my routines, my management techniques. It is going to be interesting. AN ADVENTURE to be sure.