July 29, 2010

Literacy Ideas

I was browsing through a book I borrowed from a friend when I realized there were a lot of good ideas I could never remember. So I decided to document some of them on here.

  1. Book Cover - Title/Author Picture and one thing you learned.
  2. Bookmark - this book is about?
  3. Word Cards - write cards of unknown words and the sentences they were found in
  4. Picture Mural - Write the main theme in the middle and draw four pictures that relate to it.
  5. Word Graph - Pick 4 words, Graph how often they appear in the book. Determine which is used the most and which is used the least. (Can use a chapter for longer books)
  6. Add a page - try to copy the style of author and add a page into the story.
  7. Make a web - main topic and supporting details.
  8. Scrambled Sentences - Choose your favorite sentence, write it on a word strip, cut it up, scramble it. Have a friend unscramble it.
  9. Puppets - paperbag, paper plate, popscle stick
  10. Advertise a book poster
  11. Sentence Sequence Chart - Who, did what, rest of the sentence
  12. Flipbook - Main Character, Problem, Solution
  13. Story Questions - pick three, find the answers
  14. Parts of speech Fan - Different Colored Paper. Find examples in your story, write an example sentence.
  15. Letter to the Author
  16. Story Cube - Title/Name/Author, Character, Setting, Problem, Solution, Favorite Part
  17. Rhyming Chain - pick a word from the book, write as many rhyming words as you can on strips. Add a link with the title, author, and your name.

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