February 11, 2013

Chinese New Year

I love good Chinese food. I'm not talking Panda Express. Which Mr. Handsome loves to eat regularly. After working at Universal and having to see it every day for an entire summer I don't really think it qualifies. Since moving we have yet to find an amazing Chinese place. Looks like we will have to investigate or I might have to try my hand at making some. I bring this up because Chinese New Year was yesterday, February 10th this year. I love a good reason to celebrate. Even if I am a day late. :)

How do you celebrate Chinese New Year in your classroom?  I used to share books with my class and do a short lesson on the different animals associated with the Chinese Zodiac. This is the year of the snake.

Here are two of my favorite books:

D Is for Dragon Dance
I was given this one with a little paper dragon puppet. My kids loved to read this and gently play with the puppet.

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Other Great Resources

I have not read this book yet. It looks adorable. Anyone out there read it before? Is it worth adding to my list of books to buy?

The Runaway Wok: A Chinese New Year Tale

February 8, 2013

February Books/Currently

Growing up I hated Valentine's Day. My family usually called it SAD. Single Awareness Day. But then I met my husband and had a class of little second graders and my thoughts happily changed. While I realize Valentine's Day is popular for the over priced roses and chocolates that is not why I celebrate it. I celebrate it because it gives me the opportunity to express my love to others. (I will happily receive chocolate and roses on any other day. My husband knows not to get me them on Valentines. It is WAY too expensive.)

As you know, one of my favorite things is reading. I wanted to share some of my favorite books about love with you. Feel free to peruse them.

Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch.
I love the message this book shares. Expressing love and gratitude makes a huge difference.

A Book of Hugs
This book has adorable illustrations and explains different ways to hug. I can't wait to share it with my little man. This one went over a lot better with my second graders than A Book of Kisses. I like that one too, but it will make your kids silly.

Guess How Much I Love You
This book is a classic. It is perfect for illustrating similes  You could even have the children write their own version for their parents or special valentines.

Bear Hugs: Romantically Ridiculous Animal Rhymes
I loved using the short poems in this to help with transitions, as a small reward, or even a short time filler. After reading it you could inspire the poets in your class to write a poem from a different animal's perspective.

Fun for First also came up with an excellent list which you can find here.

I love sharing books! And I really love Farley's Currently Parties. Check out what is new in my world.

My husband fell in love with Imagine Dragons and I quickly followed suit. Listening to them makes me happy.

We've been fighting the rain recently. Right now the sun is shining and I am almost convinced to go for a walk.

I want to send some "love notes" to people who have made an impact on my life. If you were to write a note, who would you write?

We moved this summer and I still don't feel like I have found a new friend. I have several new acquaintances but no one who really fits. Blech. 

The price of stamps went up. I need to buy some more one cent stamps so I can send off my love notes. Snail mail is so much more fun than digital. 

I HATE comment verification forms. Why do they have to make the letters all squiggly? I almost always mess up. I promise I am human. I can't leave a fun comment if your comment guardian rejects me so many times I give it. Trust me. It happens. At least once a week.

I also HATE people who smoke next to children. You are ruining their lungs and setting them on the path to developing a terrible habit. Enough said.

How are you preparing for Valentine's day? Who are you planning on showering with love?

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