February 7, 2011

A New Beginning

I have had this blog for quite some time, and as you can see I have not been the most dependable about updating it. However, since marrying a computer programmer I am starting to realize that going digital is the only way to go. So Life with Mrs. L has been reborn. I hope to do my best to share some of my newfound knowledge with you. Why? Because I am starting to realize that that great ideas are meant to be shared. So feel free to share these ideas with as many as care to listen.
Speaking of digital. My husband has taught me it is a lot easier to store something in a digital dropbox then in a filing cabinet. (Dropbox is my favorite. And I recommend it). I happen to love my dropbox and having been using it to store all of the fabulous ideas I pick up from amazing websites and fabulous fellow bloggers.
Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my life.

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