May 26, 2011

A Teacher's Work is Never Done - Math Ideas for the Summer

Some of the fabulous TBA ladies are hosting a giveaway to help with their summer book talk. If you follow all 7 of their blogs you can put in your name for the giveaway as well. The ladies are discussing Debbie Dillers Math Work Stations Independent Learning You Can Count On and Guided Math by Laney Sammons. I have read parts of Debbie's book because it is free online. But look forward to reading the rest of it and discussing with teachers who are trying to improve their math skills. If you too want to brush up on some math skills you can pick up Debbie's book with Free Shipping by using the code MATH on offering a free shipping code if you purchase Math Work Stations at Stenhouse. There's no guidelines or restrictions -- it will be valid until July 30 and it's good on orders placed at

The Schedule for the book talk will be the following:
Mrs. Wills - will host Chapters 1 What is a Math Work Station? and Chapter 2 Organizing and Managing Work Stations on June 1st.

Mrs. Parker - will host Chapter 3 Getting Started with Work Stations around June 6th.

Mrs. Kramer - will host Chapter 4 Beginning Number Concepts with Work Stations around June 13th.

Mrs. Saoud - will host Chapter 5 Addition and Subtraction Work Stations around June 20th.

Mrs. Arnold - will host Chapter 6 Place Value Work Stations around June 27th.

Mrs. Patton - will host Chapter 7 Geometry Work Stations around July 4th.

Mrs. Evans - will host Chapter 8 Measurement Work Stations around July 11th.

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