June 29, 2011

SEEL - Phonics

As I began to research some of the cool things going on at my new school I stumbled upon SEEL. I was surprised because I recently graduated from the university that started this research and I have heard nothing about it. It looked pretty cool so I decided to share it with you. Keep in mind this is probably best for Kindergarten teachers with some wiggle room for first grade or at home moms.

SEEL stands for Systematic Engaging Early Literacy. It guiding principals are:
1. Explore learning through conversation
2. Teach explicitly what, why, and how
3. Provide frequent and varied practice opportunities
4. Motivate children with playful practice
5. Make meaningful connections
If you want to learn more about this click HERE.

The reason I bring SEEL up? It has a great website to help teachers and parents plan lessons that engage their children. It has an entire database you can search for lesson plans and resources. If you want to search by letter or letter combination click HERE. If you want to look by topic try HERE. Just looking for game ideas? Try HERE.
So I tried searching by letter first. Once I clicked on the letter A, it provided three different lesson plans. I clicked on the first one and a new window came up. It looks like this:

I downloaded the plan. Underneath the download button it has additions to the plan. All the resources you will need are there and ready to download.  

Talk about cool! Too bad I am in a higher grade and can not use this. Right now the site seems geared to Kindergarten and Pre-K but it is in the process of developing curriculum and plans for first grade. Worth exploring if you have children that age. Good luck and enjoy!

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