July 8, 2011

Donors Choose Projects

For those of you who have not heard of Donors Choose you should definitely look into it. The program connects classroom teachers with donors. All you have to do is write a proposal, submit it, get it reviewed, and then find people who will donate before your project deadline is up.

I didn't learn about this until 1/2 way through last year and I was not the best at advertising my project. A word of advice, start small and spread the word often. I picked a project that was too big and did not tell enough people. So now my project is $266 short and will not be funded if I don't complete it in 38 days. :( (Thanks to Lakeshore Learning my project was funded at the last moment!)

BUT, you don't have to be sad like me because you will be much better at spreading the word. Right? Right! Because I am really nice I am going to let you in on a killer website that will help you get your project funded. Print and Share. All you have to do is input the url of your project and they will pull up all the information and make you a spiffy poster you can put anywhere. Attack local libraries, grocery stores, bus benches and more. (With permission of course) People will have no choice but to read your poster. And then they will feel obligated to give you some of their money, right? No? Well at least you will have reached a larger audience, which means you will be more likely to get support. Worth a try.

Good luck!

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