August 2, 2011

Currently I am

Oh' Boy Fourth Grade is having a linky party on what everyone is currently doing. 

While I know this breaks the suggested rule of only blogging once a day, I couldn't help it. I'm addicted. 

 If you want the actual links for the blogs, click on the picture and it will take you to a PDF with the links embedded. 

The Clutter-Free Classroom is amazing. She is helping me deep clean all my supplies. Which is important because at the end of the year I filled up my entire car with school stuff. Lady Bug Teacher Files is helping with my blog makeover. She has idiot proof tutorials. I know. I've used them. ;) And who can resist a website about cupcakes and sweet treats? I can't.

Feel free to join!


  1. thanks so much for joining!!! GOOD LUCK...

  2. by good luck I meant good luck on getting good luck LOL and I now back to the laundry :)

  3. Love a good stack of books! There's nothing better than having a hard time trying to choose what to read next. :-)

  4. I love this and I love your blog. Thank you for emailing me! I am a follower of your cute blog.

  5. Kim - I have the same problem. Which is bad considering I currently have 25 things checked out from the library. :)
    Pam - Thanks. I love new followers!

  6. I found your blog on this linky party and am now a follower! I love your responses to "Currently I am..."