August 12, 2011

Magazine Deal

I love deals on magazines and I found a good one to share with all my teacher friends. $12 for a whole year of National Geographic for Kids! Hurry you only have a couple of days before this deal is up. I love using these as fast finishers and science connections.This company also gives 5% to the school of your choice. Not a lot, but it adds up. :) And if you happen to convince three people to get the same deal it is free. :D
Click here to get a set for your classroom.
I am not being paid to share this deal in any way. I just happen to enjoy the magazine and thought you might be interested as well. If some of you happen to purchase it, well it that works for me.

1 comment:

  1. I used these last year as fillers...could be used any time. I did find them a little too difficult for the majority of my 4th grade class, so we used them as Read to Someone. Because of budget cuts, this subscription was cut.

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