August 9, 2011

Three Tales of My Father's Dragon

Three Tales of My Father's Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett

When I was little my parents used to take us camping over the weekend. We would all snuggle down in our sleeping bags and dad would read the most delightful stories. Each night we would beg him to go on.  This book was written by a woman between jobs and illustrated by her stepmother. When My Father's Dragon first appeared in 1948, it became a Newberry Honor Book.  Look at these adorable illustrations!


My Father's Dragon tells the story of Elmer Elevator. He is a young boy who longs to fly. One day, much to his mother's dismay, Elmer brings home a stray cat. The cat tells Elmer of a wild island with an imprisoned dragon. Elmer packs his knapsack and runs away. I love how the simple things in his knapsack are used to solve the most interesting dilemas. If you had to survive in a fierce jungle what kinds of things would you want in your knapsack? Here is a simple worksheet you can use with your class.

Elmer and the Dragon tells the story of Elmer and Boris as they begin their way home from Wild Island. On their way home they end up on the Island of the Canaries where they learn about curiosity and how dangerous it can be.

The Dragons of Blueland
Boris begins his long trip home, only to discover when he arrives that his family is trapped by a group of hunters. Desperate, he asks Elmer for his help. See how they solve this problem and learn more about Boris the dragon's family.

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  1. One of my favorite books to read with my students. Thanks for sharing!