November 1, 2011

The Little Red Pen

The Little Red Pen 
Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel 

The Little Red Pen in this story sets to work grading papers only to find Scissors, Stapler, Pencil, Highlighter, and Eraser won't help her. But when she falls into trouble all the school supplies rush to the rescue. 

Sometimes as a teacher you feel a lot like the Little Red Pen. "If the papers aren't graded, the students won't learn. The school might close. The walls might tumble. The floors might crumble. The sky might fall. It might be the end of the world! Who will help me save the world?" 

I'm hoping to make your day brighter by sharing some of my ideas and resources.

Some excellent ideas for this book:
  • This story is an wonderful example of personification.  It will have your students looking at school supplies in a whole new light. You can discuss the importance of treating supplies with respect. 
  • As you read this story you can also discuss the importance of teamwork, knowing ones strengths, and being willing to try something difficult. 
  • You can hold a class conversation about the importance of reviewing what was marked wrong and learning from it. (It drove me crazy when I would spend hours grading papers, and have half of the papers were lost in backpacks never to be seen again.)
  • You can discuss alternate ways of grading. Teachers do not have enough time to spend all their time grading papers. Parents, students, and volunteers are an excellent resource. Use them.
  • This story can also be compared and contrasted with the Little Red Hen. 
    • Get a simple Venn Diagram HERE.
  • Yearn to Learn also found an excellent resource for this book. It includes a comprehension worksheet, a readers theater version of the story, a writing prompt, and a fast finisher. Click HERE.
PS Did you know Janet Stevens also wrote one of my favorite books? Tops and Bottoms

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