January 14, 2012

All You Need Is Love

I am joining up with bloggers from across the country to show some love to Joplin, MO.

Joplin suffered a major tornado in May and is still recovering. A teacher in that area is asking for donated units to give to teachers in her district on Monday. Imagine the love you can share. Want to participate?

Email your unit to: edoennig@joplin.k12.mo.us

Link up with Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

I wonder if we can completely flood her email box? I sent her my Tacky the Penguin Unit and Pirate Text Feature Treasure Hunt.

I also wanted to let you all know that now is the time to join Sarah and Caitlin in the Be My Valentine Exchange. I loved participating in the Christmas Exchange and recommend it to everyone. Hurry your application must be in before January 18, 2012. 

Be My Valentine

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  1. Hi Madison!
    My name is Katherine, and I was your Holly Bloggy Christmas partner! I just got your thank you card in the mail (I don't check my mail often at my apartment), and I'm thrilled you liked your gift! I feel bad that I never linked up about the gift exchange; my computer ate my photos and I thought posting without pictures wouldn't be worth it, but now I realize I should have at least mentioned you as my partner/said thanks to the teacher who sent me my things!

    I hope you're having a great start to your year - I enjoyed making your gifts and getting to know you through your blog! :)

    Third Grade Teacher Files