January 27, 2012

Easy as Pie

I am currently on an eight week challenge with my best friend from high school. Which means that pie and all other sweets are off limits. This is incredibly difficult when you love food as much as I do. So many interesting foods to try and so many ingredients to gather for the next Pinterest recipe.
Like this pie that I really want to make:

But I can't. So instead I will focus on this kind of pie. 

The kind you can't eat but will still bring a smile to your face. That's right. Author's Purpose Pie. 

Ali, my grammar angel, kindly went through it and made it perfect. So now it is ready for you to enjoy it. 
This packet includes a detailed lesson plan, a poster about persuasive, informative, and entertaining writing, examples of each type of writing, a leveled center activity, and writing prompts. I am selling it on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook for $2.50. Use your store of choice. 

I am so excited about all my new followers. Thank you and welcome to my blog. Keep telling your friends and soon I will have a "sweet giveaway." Don't forget to check out my Facebook page as well. 

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