February 11, 2012


A while back, Miss Kindergarten posted about using Sticky Notes on her computer. It inspired me to create a similar post for all my MAC friends out there. (Notice it only took me a month to get to it.)

If you have not heard of Stickies, keep reading. You will thank me for it. Even if you have heard of them, keep reading because you might learn something new.

How to Start:

Go to Spotlight (aka the little magnifying glass) and type in "Stickies"

Make a new note by clicking on File or use Command N.

Change the color of the note by clicking on color. I love using different colors for different categories. Green for blogs, pink for personal, etc. Use a system that works for you!

Change the font by clicking on font! This means you can use all your favorite "teacher" fonts.

I like to keep all my stickies on my desktop. But you can collapse them to free up space if you like. Just click on the bar at the top of each note. Or you can click on window to arrange them by color, content, date, or location on screen.

Look how cute they are all collapsed down. :)

I love Stickies! The benefits include never loosing a note, never having one tacked to your bum as you walk down the hall, and being able to appease all your OCD tendencies. Thanks for humoring me. Have a great Saturday!

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