March 27, 2012

Field Trip Adventures

Today we went to a nearby aquarium on our field trip. The kids loved it. Penguins, caimans, jellyfish, otters, and touch pools. The sting rays were amazing. They were trained to flap up the sides of the pool which made it so much easier for my kids to reach them. They still managed to get completely soaked. :)

On the way to the aquarium I was sitting next to one of my students when he noticed I was married. Our conversation went something like this:

"You're married."
"This is your marriage finger. What's his name?"
"His name is Stephen."
"Oh, one day I will be married, but first I need a job."
"Yup. But right now I am working as a student. I work really hard at school every day."

I love my class but boy did I need a nap when I got home.

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