October 10, 2012

Common Core Vocabulary Part 2

I recently did a post about introducing common core vocabulary using books. You can read that post here. Today I would like to share some of the resources I found online about vocabulary instruction in the classroom.

Vocabulary journals
I know that for me personally, writing something down helps me to process new information.

Vocabulary graphic organizers
Great for visual learners, these sheets can be combined into a class book.

Teaching techniques for vocabulary
  • The Second Grade Super Kids introduces TPR. Total Physical Response is very helpful for kinesthetic and visual learners.
  • Mrs. Castro's uses shared writing to cement new vocabulary words.
  • Ms. M introduced the idea of creating themed vocabulary books for your class. You can use illustrations from books you are reading or have your students illustrate it.
  • Hello Literacy introduces Marzano's Six Steps to vocabulary 
  • Hello Literacy introduces making your own vocabulary posters using bighugelabs
  • Clutter-Free Classroom introduces new vocabulary using blanks and context clues

Reviewing vocabulary
  • Ashleigh's Education Journey has a game called "A Mile a Minute." It is a review game she makes for specific areas in the curriculum. Right now she has a a science and math set for free on her blog. 
  • 3rd Grade Gridiron has a customizable word search up for free on her TpT store.

Know any other great resources I should add to the list? Leave me a comment. 
Look for more Common Core Vocabulary blogging soon. :)

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