April 15, 2011

Fountain of Fonts

Amanda at One Extra Degree posted about free fonts at Lettering Delights. Well, last night I followed her links and got some free fonts ad clipart to use on future projects. My husband laughed but humored me.  Then today I spent hours looking through at least a 1000 fonts. No joke. Not all of them were free but I did find some really cute ones on sale for a $1. I exercised some self-control and whittled my wishlist down to 7. That is impressive. There were so many cute ideas.

Two of the fonts are going to be writing lifesavers for me. I purchased LD Trainer Vertical Lined Dots and LD Modern Cursive Trainer. Handwriting is something that several of my children struggle with and I  have some children with special writing needs. I used to dot out each word for a separate spelling list. Can you talk about time consuming? Now I can just type it out. I am SUPER excited.


I also bought a sign language font. I taught the ASL alphabet to my children at the beginning of the year and we have A-D down through repeated self-checks. But my vision is for my children to practice sign spelling their spelling words or high frequency words to another child. The repeated practice will help them memorize words, see the spelling words in a new way, and develop a new skill.

My favorite is the cute clipart that I plan to use on a writing project. It is something I have been meaning to make for a while. But I lacked the artistic ability to draw it and I wanted it to look cute. I will try to keep you updated on how it goes.

My husband came home and I just had to show him the adorable things I found. He smiled and reminded me there are plenty of great websites with free fonts. I laughed. And he had one up in my browser in under a minute. I love my computer genius. Marrying him was my best decision ever. The site he pulled up has all kinds of fonts and just like he said, they were all FREE. Take a look. I think I downloaded at least 15.  :D  I'm grateful for such a supportive husband.

Speaking of fonts, another blog I follow What the Teacher Wants introduced me to Kevin and Amanda Fonts. They are fun, easy to install, and the kids love the break from Times New Roman. My favorite is Annoying Kettle.

Now, if only I could figure out how to use these fonts on my blog I would be ecstatic. Maybe one day.

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  1. I love fonts! Lettering Delights is one of my favorites :)

    Miss Kindergarten