April 4, 2011

Kid's say the darndest things

Today one of my little boys tried to get out of PE. Again. Last week he said he was not feeling well, so I sent him to the office. Our PE is before lunch, so I assumed he was hungry. I gave him a fruit leather but he still called for home.
This week he told me he still wasn't feeling well. So I asked him what was wrong. He said "my tummy hurts." When I asked him where, he said "in the middle. Where it is green." Intrigued I asked is he would be comfortable showing me. He lifted his shirt a little to show me his cute little belly button. Which looked completely normal.
"You can't see it. But it is in the inside." He proceeded to pick his little belly button. I assume he was trying to show me his belly button lint. I could not help the grin that spread from ear to ear. I might even have giggled. The office manager assured him he was ok, giving her word as a mother. He still worried for the rest of the day. :D
It was the highlight of my day. Seriously. Much better than the speeding ticket I almost got, the sub plans I had to make, the new student I had to prepare for, and the bills in the mail.

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