September 15, 2011

Keeping it Together

Ever feel that if your head was not attached you would lose it? 

Ever feel that you are constantly misplacing things?
These are not my keys.
My keys have six keychains on them and I still lose them.

I sometimes find that I have a hard time staying organized. I think that is why I love Clutter Free Classroom so much. I tend to accumulate things I think I might need at a later date. Just look at the 9 boxes sitting in my office waiting to be organized. I think it is time for me to watch an episode of Hoarders again. Does anyone else go on a cleaning binge after watching that show? I find it highly theraputic.

The point? I wanted to introduce you to the thing that has saved my life, and all my documents for the past year. If you have not heard of Dropbox you need to continue reading. Trust me!

Dropbox is an online storage system where you can back-up all your files. I use it to organize all the amazing resources I find on the web.  I also use it when I bounce between a work computer and a home computer. I love that I can install it on both computers and access it anytime I want. 

This is a half of my Dropbox!
I tried google docs, ifolder, evernote, and a couple of other things. But this is by far my favorite way of saving and accessing data. Accounts are free, easy to use, and slightly addictive. You can even share files with another user. :)

I just wish that I had know about this years ago. It would have saved me so many headaches. If you are interested in trying Dropbox you can either click on any of the links or leave me a comment.

I am not being paid by Dropbox to post this. I just really love their site. 

But you should know if you decide to join I get an extra 250 MB of space. I'm not complaining. Just keeping you informed.

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  1. Oh how I LOVE my dropbox! Best creation EVER!!! I need to organize mine like your's though.