September 1, 2011


Today's Technology Thursday covers something I think all kids can learn more about, Personal Safety!

One of my coworkers showed me this website and I stopped to take a look around. While I am not a huge fan of a dancing, rapping, shiny yellow robot, Clicky does get kid's attention, and he teaches them important things.

NetSmartz breaks down into a couple of really great areas. 

The first area, Routers Surprise Birthday, is an interactive game that your students can complete to gain a certificate showing their mastery. It comes with a detailed teacher's guide with pictures.
It uses videos to introduce new topics and short games to review. Once you master a game you gain a point and move further along on the board.
As you can see I have only made it to the second game. :)

The second part, club UYN has monthly activities to complete.

The third part is videos, so you can rock out as you review some of the things your student's have learned.

The fourth part is every child's favorite, the games.


Teachers and parents can find all kinds of free activities under the present icon. Maybe something for your fast finisher bin?

You can also e-mail Clicky and read his bio.

A cute free site, that teaches your children internet safety. 5 stars in my book.

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