September 6, 2011

Top Blogs!

I am a blog addict. It's true. I follow over 150 blogs. So understandably it is very hard for me to pick favorites. Because I am late to the Top Ten a lot of my favorites had already been recognized so I picked 6 blogs, that you might not know. These blogs are all worth checking out. If you have extra time, don't forget to check out a lot of the amazing blogs on my roll to the left. You will find so many creative ideas.

Hollywood Theme with lots of cute ideas.

She is adorable. Always coming up with new units on TPT.

The Moffatt Girls
Sight Word Queen

Lots of free activities. I love her color books.

Hollywood Theme and more!

Wiggins World
A blogger who loves Pinterest just like me. :)

Confused? Read my previous post to see the rules and guidelines.


  1. WOW!! What an honor! Thank you so much for your sweet words!!

  2. Thank you so much for choosing my blog! It made my day!