September 6, 2011

Little Miss Sunshine

I realize it is Book Talk Tuesday and I have yet to post. But it is still Tuesday here, so I am counting it.

First off, I am not talking about the movie.  I am talking about Roger Hargreaves Little Miss Sunshine. When I was in fourth grade, a long time ago, my teacher used to read some of the Mister Men & Little Miss books.

I ate it up. And I didn't realize the amazing vocabulary and character lessons my teacher was sharing with us.

Who would not love this art? So adorable.

I also love the beautifully descriptive words he uses. This quote is perfect to illustrate how details in a story provide a clear mental picture.

"The soldier marched Little Miss Sunshine through the huge door. And across a courtyard. And through another huge door. And up an enormous staircase. And along a long corridor. And through another huge door. And into a gigantic room. And at the end of the gigantic room sat the king."

Small confession. I have over 10 of these books, and would gladly get more if they weren't so expensive. I also have to adorable Little Miss Sunshine shirts from Target. I love that store.

Do you have a favorite Little Miss or Mister Man?

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