October 24, 2011

A confession

I am an addicted to getting things for free. I love finding new ideas, recipes, and freebies online. In fact I have almost filled up my entire dropbox with resources from amazing bloggers around the world. If you wanted to help with that current dilema, feel free to open your own account. Then I get 250 MB more space for free. Read more about Dropbox HERE.

I am also addicted to Pinterest. I love searching and storing new ideas in a quick visual way. I spent a couple of hours yesterday organizing my school ideas into different categories to make it easier to find things. You should take a look and see if any ideas spark your creativity.

I love sharing ideas and free things, so I knew I just HAD to introduce you to a new blog.

Classroom Freebies was created by a former teacher to help teachers find free resources for their classrooms. There are over 30 authors who contribute free ideas and products for your use. Ideas range from preschool to high school and cover a variety of subjects. You should definitely take a look HERE.

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