October 12, 2011


I have a confession. I love getting people presents. I love seeing their reaction and feeling like I have made a difference in their day. I love spreading joy. I think that is part of the reason I got into teaching, spreading joy in a child's life every day.

I bring this up for several reasons.

1.  Jennifer brightened my day yesterday. Jennifer aka Rowdy in First Grade sent me my very own laminator. I love it! Who knew that my support group extended all the way to Texas? Jennifer has an adorable blog that you should definitely check out. Leave some comment love and make her day. She deserves it.

2.   Sarah from Kindergarten Korner and Caitlin from Ms. Preppy are hosting a Christmas gift exchange. The details:

-        Holly Bloggy Christmas is a Christmas gift exchange for members of the teacher blogging community.  Participants will receive a gift from another teacher blogger AND a virtual stocking full of teacher resources from our sponsors!  It is free to participate, but sponsorship options are available and all donations will go to support TOYS FOR TOTS! (See their blogs for more information on sponsorship.)
-        Sign-ups begin NOW and will last until October 31st.
-        In order to sign up, please send an email to hollybloggychristmas@gmail.com.  Copy and paste the questionnaire below into the body of the email and answer the questions. We will send your answer to your secret pal, along with your address.  This information is TOP SECRET!
-        Sarah and I will put participant’s names into a bowl and draw names to match you with your secret pal.  By November 10th, you will receive an email with the name of your secret pal and their answers to the questionnaire. 
-        Get to crafting and/or shopping!  Be creative!  There is a $15 spending limit before postage.  Before you place your gift in the mail, snap a picture and email it to us.  On Christmas we will post all of the pictures of the super fabulous gifts everyone received!
-        Send your wrapped gift in the mail (with delivery confirmation) by December 5th.  This way it has plenty of time to make it to your secret pal!
-        Open your gift on Christmas morning!  NO PEEKING!  We will have a linky party for everyone to link up to a post about their gift and their wonderful secret pal!
Holly Bloggy Christmas Secret Pal Questionnaire
1.      Full name or your “teacher” name (for monogramming!)
2.      Mailing address
3.      Email address
4.      Blog/Website/Store (so your pal can learn a little more about you – but you don’t have to have a blog to participate)
5.      Grade level
6.      Favorite treat
7.      Favorite colors
8.      Not-so favorite colors
9.      Give a little bit of information about yourself.  Married?  Kids?  Hobbies?

3. Last night hubby and I made some treats to drop off at a neighbors house. How many of you have gone ding-dong ditching before? Basically you make a bag of treats, dress up completely in black, ring the doorbell, and then run like a ninja so no one sees you. I love the adrenaline rush, the smiles on peoples faces, and the bonding experience. I created a simple note to leave behind. Feel free to grab it and have your own ninja adventures. All you need to do is print it, fold it in half, make or buy a treat, and wait till it get's dark. I loved doing this as a child and love it even more as an adult. :) Happy Haunting!

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  1. Ooh, I love presents too! Lucky you with your very own laminator! :) Thanks for spreading the word about Holly Bloggy Christmas--it's going to be really fun!

    Ms. Preppy's Adventures in Primary and Polka Dots