November 12, 2011

Reaching Out Beyond the Classroom

This is Part 4 of the book study. If you would like to catch up click on one of the following links:
The End of the Molasses Classes 12, and 3

I greatly enjoyed this book and heartily recommend it to teachers and parents alike.
The principles I loved the most:

Teach parents how to tutor. Parents often want to help and have no idea where to start. I think it is important to send home different ideas, strategies, and hints. Parents are like new teachers, they just need someone to teach them the skills. Whenever I can I try to share great websites, resources, and books. Some of my favorites: Starfall, Read Kiddo Read, and

Accept the fact that if children like you all the time you are doing something wrong. I love kids, and I love having fun with them, but I know that education and working with kids is not always fun. Sometimes they need you to set limits and guide them. Don't be afraid to be firm.

Remember the little things in life make a difference. The children will remember the little things you do, the parents will notice and your colleagues will be inspired.

Whenever I read professional development books I always feel a mixture of inspiration and guilt. I see some things I am doing right, and some things that leave room for improvement. I must be a glutton for punishment and inspiration though, because I am always looking for more great professional development books to read. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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