December 27, 2011

11 of 2011

11. Favorite movie

Tintin - It was gorgeous and I loved the detail. I also loved how true they were to the characters I grew up with reading about.

10. TV Series

This one was difficuly because I actually watch a lot of TV.  I watch TV when I fold laundry, blog, make dinner, and especially when I am waiting for my hubby to come home. Castle made the top of the list because it includes two of my favorite things, murder and brilliant people. I also love Numbers, Warehouse 13, Grimm, Once Upon a Time, and Iron Chef. (Just to name a few.)

9. Restaurant

Zupas - Amazing! I will pick this over anything else. Best salads and soups I have ever had. My hubby loves their sandwiches too.

8. New thing I tried

Just Dance 1, 2 and 3! I love getting together with friends and family for a dance off. I even managed to beat Hubby and my two sisters (who have a lot more rhythm than me) on a couple of dances. :)

7. Gift I received

Disneyland at Christmastime with my husband on our anniversary. I loved the Haunted Mansion! The Nightmare before Christmas has always held a special place in my heart.

6. Pin

I need this in my home. But the OCD part of me can not stand that it doesn't begin with a capital letter on this poster.

5. Blog post

Are you sparkling? One of my favorite quotes!

4. Accomplishment

Selling a product on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook. I did a happy dance around the house! I promise.

3. Picture

I hate photos of my self. So finding a cute picture is quite difficult. I settled for obnoxious. Here is my handsome husband and I right before we went zip-lining. I won't judge you if you snicker.

2. Memory

Meeting some of my favorite California bloggers over winter break! I promise to post more about this, I have just been crazy busy.

1. Goals

I have too many goals to pick just one so see my previous post here.

You can join the linky party HERE. It is hosted by the two amazing women on front left side of the picture above. Now you can put a face with the awesome blogs these lovely ladies write. The Teeny Tiny Teacher is the cute blonde and Miss Kindergarten is the cute brunette sitting right behind her.


  1. I am your newest follower and was gravitated over here because of your blog name. Love it! I adore the Albert Einstein quote. Have you tried Zumba 2? I got it for Christmas and I love it, although I can't get many to do it with me. :( My sons and husband get bothered by it and I end up Zumba-ing by myself. Oh well, more dance space. LOL!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Live.Laugh.Teach

    Please come by my page, I am a newbie and I am still learning as I go. "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming." Dori from Finding Nemo :)

  3. Wow - I don't even know what zip-lining is - let alone try it. Dangerous? Beautiful blog - I'm your newest follower from the Linky party. Hope you can visit my blog.