June 11, 2012

Currently June / Freecycle

I can't believe it. Time flies so quickly! Soon the summer will be over and I will look back and wonder what I did with all my time. I've been out of touch because hubby got us a great deal on a resort in Vegas for a Baby Moon. He is my favorite! So patient with me and my blogging. :) But we only used the internet to find places to go. I know. There was no blog stalking, pinterest, or creating being done. Good thing I have more time in the summer to catch up. :D

I saw Farley's newest Currently and couldn't wait to join. She is one of my favorite bloggers to follow. If you do not know her you should definitely check her out. She's spunky, hilarious, and she makes you think.

For those of you who haven't heard of freecycle it might become your new best friend. You know the old saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure?" Well freecycle is based exactly on that idea. You post stuff you don't want any more and other local people will come and pick it up for free. And the part that most teachers will love, you can also post requests for all kinds of random things. Because let's face it, teachers are hoarders and can think of a use for anything. Right? Take a second and look at what people in your area are offering. You can find cheap art supplies, containers for organizing, and books. Click on the picture below to learn more. I've been using this like crazy to get rid of my excess teaching, office, and household supplies. It has also helped me get some moving boxes for free.

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