June 12, 2012

I'm addicted

Hello my name is Mrs. L and I am addicted to linky parties. No really! Every time one pops up it makes me want to drop everything and respond. But usually I pin the tab and hope that one day I will have the time and energy to write a post. Sometimes it takes me a long time. So bear with me. (Hubby is working on developing a new app and so I have more time to blog than normal. I could not be happier. :D )

Jennifer at Herding Kats in Kindergarten posted this linky party ages ago. I really really wanted to go to her party! (And I am not a typical party animal.) If you have ever read her blog you'd know why. She is fun, down to earth, and a kindred spirit. I think if we ever did meet in real life I might just have to be her new best friend. (I don't think she has much of a choice in the matter.)

So on to this summer's plans. Are you ready? It's going to be epic!

1. Find out if I am having a boy or a girl! 

(No I am not having twins. Whew!)

Which will lead to freaking out of my mind and reading as many books about babies and parenting that I can get my hands on. What do you think? Boy or Girl? I was blessed with light morning sickness, a recent interest in all things sweet, and some amazing hormone swings. (One time I might have to tell you about that laughing/crying cycle. It was a lot of fun. Let me just tell you that.)

2. Move from Utah to sunny California
I still need to get my hands on some boxes, but I feel like I am making great progress at decluttering. (If you too are struggling with clutter or moving, please see my previous post about freecycle. The best way to get rid of stuff you don't want instead of throwing it away.) I still have a week or so to throw everything together and make it work. I'm starting to feel the pressure.

3. Finish my blog redesign
Erin from Creating and Designing has been so patient with me. I am one of the most indecisive people ever. But I hope to have it all done soon. Keep your eyes peeled. (Well not really, because one that sounds like it hurts and two it might take a while and you will need to blink.)

4. Travel back to Japan
I will be abandoning you for two weeks. I know I am terrible. But I am going back to visit the places I lived four years ago. I can't believe it has been so long. I will try and make it up to you when I get back. (If you are jealous, just imagine all the google reading and blog stalking I will have to do when I get back. >.< And I promise to try to take some good pictures so you can live vicariously through me.)

5. Catch up on all my reading!
I made a goal to read 100 books this year. Right now I am at 11. I know. Kind of failing. But don't worry I have a plan. I even have a small list of some of the books I will be reading. I'll explain it all soon. (Like in the next two days if I can manage the time.)

6. Finish 1/2 my Teaching Blog Traffic School Lessons
I started the Teaching Blog Traffic School over Spring Break. I loved it, but I still have a lot of lessons and homework to get through. My goal is to be more than halfway done before the end of the summer.

Teaching Blog Traffic School

7. Start and establish my mommy blog
I am going to a be a mom. I know. I still can't believe it myself. It's going to be an incredible journey and I would love if you joined me on the bumpy ride. (More details to follow soon!)

8. Establish my products
I plan to create at least two products and update two of my older ones (Tacky the Penguin and Management Mania 1)

9. Spend quality time with family
Calling, writing, visiting, and attending a reunion. I have over 50 cousins which makes it hard to make sure I reach everyone. I also need a new family photo because the last one I have is from my wedding.

10. Sleep
I know the baby is going to be keeping me up and zapping all my strength so I am taking this summer to pamper myself. Resting and lounging whenever I get the chance and storing up energy for this winter. 

What are your plans for this summer? You know you want to stop and check out the party.


  1. I'm addicted as well to the Linky Parties! Linking up to as many as I can this summer is one of my goals.

    Based on your symptoms, I would say you are having a boy! I have three boys, a 5 year old and 4year old twins and I had light morning sickness and craved sweets all the time. I think my hubby and I ate a tub of ice cream a week with the twins! Shhhh! (Everyone is different so who knows!) Goodluck to you during your pregnancy.

  2. You sound busy, but it's a great list!


  3. Thanks for linking up! I would totally be your best friend :) Next time I'm in California we might have to meet-up! My husband is from the Long Beach area so we go about once a year or so! I am intrigued by your trip to Japan! It's one of the places we might end up stationed next! Good luck with sleeping before the baby comes - I could never do it lol - too busy "nesting"! I never craved sweets with any of my pregnancies and had horrible morning sickness with my daughter AND my sons. I swear I lost about 15 pounds during the 1st trimester each time - and then put it all back on plus a whole lot more in the last trimester lol! I have a feeling you're having a girl though - just because of the hormone swings. I once got out of our car at a stoplight and tried to walk 5 miles home in 110 degree Texas heat because of a very silly argument with my husband! I also threw soup on his car once - long story! But all of that was ONLY when I was pregnant with my daughter! When do you find out? Do you have a feeling either way?

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

    1. We will be living in Northern California, but my family is still in Southern California so let me know when you come visit. :) I love Japan. I lived there for a year and a half and fell in love. (It's also where I met my handsome husband.) The people are very nice and everything so seems so clean and orderly. I think I am having a boy. My husband thinks a girl. We will so who is right soon!