August 22, 2012

Pinterest Gold Star Pinner

I love Pinterest! There are so many great ideas and resources on the web and Pinterest keeps them all in the same place for me. I love when people follow me and try to pin things that would help a large selection of people. I have a couple of pet peeves about Pinterest. I hate it when people I follow fill up my feed with repeat pins of the same item. Or when they post a product they created and don't include a price. I usually tend to stop following them quickly.

Rachel Lynette of Minds in Bloom had some of the same concerns. So she created a Linky Party for Gold Star Teacher Pinners. In order to link up you need to do the following:

  • At least 75% (3/4) of your pins must either be for a freebie, a useful website, or a blog post that offers useful content.  Useful content does not include contests and posts that are focused around promoting a for-purchase product.
  • When you do post a for-purchase product, it must have the price in the description or the $ sign to indicate that it is not free. 

Are you a gold star pinner? Are you looking for more pinners to follow? Hop by Rachel's blog and check out her growing list.

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