August 26, 2012

Want to Know a Secret?

It's my birthday this week. (It is also Nikki's Birthday Week. Make sure you show her some love. Especially on Friday! She makes the most adorable clipart at Melonheadz Illustrating.)

Growing up I hated my birthday. I hated everyone focusing on me, and I hated having the pressure of telling people what I wanted. I would frequently tell people the wrong day so that no one knew for real. I'm serious. Some of my best friends still have a hard time remembering.

I would rather get a present for another person than receive one myself. My husband hates this. But it works out in your favor. Each day this week I plan to share a simple freebie with you. All I ask is that you spread the joy. Look for someone who needs a little love and do something about it.

My first present to you is How Many? Birthday Edition!

It includes the following two pages:

Perfect for back to school or a small math time activity. Happy Birthday from me to you! 
Click on the title above or either picture to get your free download.

P.S. Don't you just love Dropbox? I do!

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