September 12, 2012

Books for Our Children

I love to read. A value that was instilled in me by my librarian mother and countless others as I grew up. In the summer time we would spend hours visiting the local library, perusing shelves, and reading stacks of books. I worry that my son will not have that experience. Budgets are tight and libraries are seen as expendable in a digital world.  I love my iPad and spend a lot of time online, but there is something completely different about reading with a real book.

Some schools no longer have librarians. I think this is an outrage! If you take away a child's access to literature how will they learn important research skills or develop a love of life long learning? Students are not responsible enough to care for a library alone and thousands of amazing books are locked away. This is a crime.

Source: via Madison on Pinterest

Today I found the following video online. I love it! I wish there were more people out there willing to make a small sacrifice for good books.

Troy Library from Jennie Hochthanner on Vimeo.

(I apologize if this is too political for you.) Is anyone else out there a California voter? Can you see the similarities between this video and Prop 30? How are libraries being treated in your hometown?

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