September 4, 2012

Currently September

I love Farley's monthly Currently Parties! I always get so excited to join in on the fun. Look at the fun colors she used this month. I love it! (I think my husband's preference for bright colors is wearing off on me.)

I started Teaching Blog Traffic School a couple of months ago and have been so busy that I haven't done as many of the amazing tutorials as I wanted to this summer. But I made a goal to have it all finished before my baby arrives. There are 30 amazing lessons. So far I have only watched 21 of them. Which is a lot of progress from the start of this summer. :) I still need to watch nine lessons but I have seen such a difference in my blog and in my media awareness. If you are a new blogger or even a blogger who wants to expand their influence/audience I highly recommend looking into TBTS. You won't regret it. If you are interested check it out here.

I love my hometown. The weather is amazing 97% of the time. I need to take advantage of it more and spend some time outside walking and sun tanning. I am perhaps one of the whitest people you will ever meet. And Farley has inspired me to do better with my Nike Plus app. She totally has me beat. And I am not pushing a stroller or walking a dog. Power to you girl!

My son is due early November which means I have a lot of things on my to do list to get done before then. You know the little things like finish the nursery, finish unpacking, finish TBTS, and set up my food storage and meal plans. 

I have found a cute crib on sale at Target this week and am seriously contemplating getting it. If I have it set up maybe I would worry less about being ready for the baby. Probably not, because I am a natural worrier, but maybe. My sister has volunteered to make his comforter. I am super excited because we found some cuter than cute space fabric when we were on vacation this summer.

I need to update some of my newest creations to my shops. I still need to tweak a few things but I hope to have at least one new thing up by the end of the week. After all the more items in my shop, the more options for people to buy, which means more money in the cute baby crib fund. I think I suddenly found my motivation. Maybe I will even get it done tomorrow. :)

I hated on Owl City for the longest time. Like forever. Which is unfortunate because it is one of my husband's favorite bands. Well after their newest CD I had to take back my words. I love it. And have listened to each of the songs at least 10 times more than my husband. Which is impressive, because I don't always have music playing. In fact, I rarely have music playing.

I also love road trips to see family. Since moving we are 7 hours closer to my family, 12 hours closer to his family, and an hour away from two sets of grandparents.  This means that we spend a lot of time in the car visiting said families. Which is nice. Except with my tiny pregnant bladder and the cost of gas. I think it is the cost of gas that makes me wince most.

My husband got me a jewelry box for my birthday. It is gorgeous and sits on top of our dresser. I think my husband didn't realize how much jewelry I had until I had to compile it from the four different places I was storing it. :) Now I know where everything is it makes it so much easier to accessorize  I feel so girly. It was the perfect gift. Speaking of gifts, last week I shared all kinds of freebies  to celebrate my birthday. I hope you check them out. 


  1. I just found your blog on Farley's Currently! Oh.. the anticipation of a new little one's arrival. I remember those feelings and worries for all three of my girls. Have you ever thought of getting a co-sleeper? It sits right next to your bed. Then, you would have more time to get the crib. All three of our girls slept in one and it's VERY nice for night time feedings. Just a thought. :)
    Good luck!!!!

  2. Congrats on your new baby's arrival. I've been debating on doing the TBTS for a long time. It's always difficult to find the TIME to do it! I'm thinking of joining in January when the new year starts. 30 tutorials doesn't seem too bad...

    Cheers To School

  3. PS. I'm a new follower of your cute blog! :)

  4. Cute Blog! I found you through Farley's linky. Congrats on your baby! I am your newest follower. Stop by sometime!
    :) Dana
    Fun in First Grade

  5. Wow- November will be here before you know it. I need a new jewelry box so badly! Mine is stuffed with all my HUGE earrings!
    Rowdy in First Grade