September 29, 2012

First Grade Common Core

Common Core is the new buzz word in United States Education. Students and teachers alike are being held to higher standards. Since it is a relatively new concept, it is sometimes hard to find support or resources. Two weeks ago, I posted about a review about a resource for Kindergarten*. This week I wanted to post about a resource for First Grade Common Core teachers and parents.

This book is full of worksheets and activities for all First Grade Common Core Math and English standards. My favorite part is the table of contents. It lists each standard with page numbers for a unique activity. I downloaded the free preview (Click on the free preview link. Look for the orange link at the end of the description.) It had a lot of cute, kid friendly ideas and worksheets similar to what you might find on Teachers Pay Teachers. (Another great resource for those tackling the CC.)  I also saw worksheets that would be challenging for First Grade students.

The book costs $39.99. While I realize that is a bit steep for someone on a teacher's budget I think it might be helpful for those of you who want to learn more and need some guidance.  You will have to look for yourself and decide if purchasing this book is right for you.

Are you a blogger? Want to receive the book for free? Write a review of your own. Check out this link TODAY!

*In full disclosure: By blogging about the Kindergarten resource two weeks ago, and this resource today I am receiving a free copy.

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  1. If you are teaching the First Grade Common Core Standards, you are going to love the First Grade Common Core Activities!