October 2, 2012

Do you like color?

My husband is convinced that I should quit teaching and go to graphic design school. I think teaching is a much better bet.  My older and younger sister? Man are they crafty. They would rock at graphic design. Which is probably why one studied art history and the other studied advertising and photography. Me? I'm convinced that I have very few artistic bones in my body.

But I do like to create things. And sometimes when you create things it is helpful to know what colors go well together. Growing up I assumed that if it was all one color it was ok. Imagine a girl with braces, glasses, and her nose in a book, wearing all different shades of blue. Yes that was me. My little sister always tried to catch me before I went out the door.

Anyways. Creating things means I need help with my colors. Enter is my brilliant friend's suggestion. Colour Lovers. Yes, it is spelled funny. Crazy Brits! But boy do I love it. And it is free. One of my favorite words.

You can go on, create your own colors, color palettes, or patterns. Sounds a little intense? Don't be scared. I managed to do it. And if it becomes too much you can just borrow someone else's palette, pattern, or color. There are tons and tons to look at and choose. 


Why I bring this up?

How many of you have ever used Wordle before? It is an awesome program where you type in a list of words or a full story and it automatically turns them into a beautiful word cloud. Like this:  

But to be honest, sometimes it is not nearly as cute. Which is where colour lovers comes in. You can make a custom palette and then use those colors in Wordle to make truly amazing posters.

You start with the regular create button and then the real magic happens. 
Click on color, scroll down past all the set palettes and hit edit custom palette.

A little window like this one should pop up:

Use the hex colors on colourlovers to change the colors to your new favorites. The hex colors are the ones to the left. 

Tada! You are set!

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