March 16, 2013

March Currently

This year is just flying. Baby K keeps me so busy that somehow it is already the 16th. How did that happen?

I couldn't let another day go by without jumping on board for Farley's March Currently. I think I am only number 500 something. Holy cow that girl is popular. Without further ado, my month.

I've been slowly working through the Teaching Blog Trafic School. It helps me learn new tips to develop my blog and encourages me to sert goals. If you are just getting started on blogging I recommend it.

I love being able to spend time outside. My little tomato plants are growing so quickly. I can't wait for summer and salsa.

My house needs a good deep cleaning. Today we tackled the bathroom and kitchen. Next on my list is Baby's room.

While I appreciate the extra daylight, daylight savings has not been kind to my sleep habits.

I just bought a spiffy bike. (Thank you tax returns!) Now I need to buy a helmet and some shorts.

I enjoy good movies. I love how music can change my day for the better, but I hate how hormones make my mood swing.

What are you up to this month? Interested in joining in? Stop by Farley's Party.

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