September 13, 2011

What if the shark wears tennis shoes?

When my hubby and I were first dating I would take him to the library as a date. (A small sign of how much I love books and the library. A huge sign of how much he loved me.) I would share some of my favorite books with him and he would share some of his favorites with me.

One of the books he shared with me was What If the Shark Wears Tennis Shoes? written by Winifred Morris and illustrated by Betsy Lewin. 

Stephen is terrified a shark will eat him. His mother tries to reassure him that no shark will hitchhike, steal a Ferrari, or use his camp compass skills to come get him. Stephen continues to worry after his mother goes to bed and his thoughts become true. A shark has come to eat him!

Your students will love seeing how Stephen convinces the shark not to eat him. As a teacher, I love the twist at the end.  I also love the great prompt to start your own student's writing. 

What animal would try to sneak into their bedroom at night? What obstacles would it have to overcome? How would they convince the animal not to eat them? 

I created a simple worksheet. If you can use it, please do. 

After creating the worksheet I started to realize what a difficult prompt this is. 
Any suggestions?

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