February 22, 2012

Cops and Robbers Short Vowel O Packet

I did it! I finished my short o packet!

It includes 5 great activities to help your students practice -ot, -og, and -op words.
Sight Word Game - 5 pages of color and 5 pages of black and white cards, with detailed instructions on how to play.
Rhyme Concentration - Use the same cards to play a rhyme concentration. A simple rhyming worksheet is included for continued practice.
Write the Room - Students read and write the words in the correct box on a worksheet included for your convenience.
Board Game - A simple game for small group practice. Students read the words as they move their marker towards the finish. You will need to supply a numbered die.
Color by Word Family - Color a picture of a cop using the three word families; -op, -ot, and -og.

And because you're here visiting my blog I am going to give you a little hint. You can get the board game and color by word activity free by downloading the preview from my teachers pay teachers shop. :) I hope you use them both!

This product can be found in my TN Shop or my TpT Shop. It is also on sale until the end of the week!


  1. Wow! So very cute. Thank you for sharing

  2. THANKS! I can always use extra short vowel activities.