February 22, 2012

Cops and Robbers Short Vowel O Packet

I did it! I finished my short o packet!

It includes 5 great activities to help your students practice -ot, -og, and -op words.
Sight Word Game - 5 pages of color and 5 pages of black and white cards, with detailed instructions on how to play.
Rhyme Concentration - Use the same cards to play a rhyme concentration. A simple rhyming worksheet is included for continued practice.
Write the Room - Students read and write the words in the correct box on a worksheet included for your convenience.
Board Game - A simple game for small group practice. Students read the words as they move their marker towards the finish. You will need to supply a numbered die.
Color by Word Family - Color a picture of a cop using the three word families; -op, -ot, and -og.

And because you're here visiting my blog I am going to give you a little hint. You can get the board game and color by word activity free by downloading the preview from my teachers pay teachers shop. :) I hope you use them both!

This product can be found in my TN Shop or my TpT Shop. It is also on sale until the end of the week!