February 25, 2012

Tech Tips

I decided this weekend that I would practice some of the html things I have been learning/reading about recently. I am rather pleased with some of the results. I made/redid a couple of my buttons, added a google plus button, updated my signature, and made sure my threaded comments were working. I feel so accomplished. If you need help with any of these projects there are a ton of great tutorials online. I used the ones on my technology pin board.

I am babysitting my nephew tonight, so I won't be able to finish my money packet. :( Maybe tomorrow? I am excited to get it finished. If I hurry maybe I can put in my store just in time for it to go on sale for leap year. TpT is having a sale and I am joining the party. Get up to 28% off when you use the code L2P9Y on February 29th!

Find a much larger list of stores on sale here!

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