February 14, 2012

How it all came together

Disclaimer: This post contains my religious beliefs. I am not trying to force anything on you. I am just attempting to tell the story of how my husband and I met. Feel free to skip this post entirely or ask me any questions.

It's funny how all the little things in life lead you to the one you love. (Just like the Rascal Flat's song, God Bless the Broken Road.) My husband and I grew up four hours away from each other, we went to the same college for a year, but we did not meet each other until we were both missionaries in Japan.

A little background for you. I am a Christian. And growing up I wanted to share the joy and happiness I felt with other people. When I turned 21 I volunteered 1 1/2 years of my life to fulfill that dream by serving a mission in Hokkaido, Japan. (I did not pick the location. If I did I would have picked someplace that does not eat fish or things from the ocean.) My husband did the same thing when he turned 19 except he served for 2 years. (God had a plan for us, we just didn't know it.)

While we served together I got to see him lead, serve, strengthen, and bless the lives of the people around him. I knew I wanted to marry a man like him. But as you may or may not know, missionaries are not serving to find a spouse. They are serving to bless other people. I kept my distance. I didn't even laugh at his jokes. Poor guy, he thought I hated him. He got transfered to a different area and I went home soon after.

When I got home he wrote me a letter telling me about other missionaries and asking me about my life. I wrote back and we became pen pals and then friends.  While he was still in Japan I attempted dating other people, but it was SO HARD. No one was as cute, kind, funny, competitive, intelligent, or compassionate. I could not wait for him to get home!

When he got home I was at college in a different state. Talk about frustrating! We skyped or phoned daily and I fell more and more in love with him. (And somehow he fell in love with me, craziness and all.) Eventually he returned to college and we spent more and more time together. After a couple of months he proposed. I was ready to be married in 2 months, but my mother was not. So we got married 6 looooong months later. And that is how I met my hubby. (All because God knew that we both needed to be in Japan to meet each other.)

Yesterday we bought our tickets to go back to Japan this summer! I can't wait!

One day I might have to tell you the proposal story because I think it is a little more entertaining. ;)

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  1. I enjoyed reading. Happy Valentines Day to you both!

    Primary Graffiti

  2. This was great! Love how the Lord works! How sweet for you both to be able to go back this summer! Hope you had a great day!


  3. I love your story. I'm not married yet, but God has really blessed me with the ability to thrive in my singleness. Plus, I know that He wouldn't make me wait this long unless He had someone extra special for me. :) I'm your newest follower.

    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  4. Cute story and it sound like a neat experience! I just joined your blog!



  5. Oh MY!!! going back to JAPAN! How exciting! So excited for you